Q) I dropped the scissors from my hand. What should I do? Can I keep using the pair?
A) Once you drop the scissors, the blades get ruined.
The microscopic damage will be shown around the half inch from the tip of the blades.
It is very small but effects the salon work badly.if this happened......

a) Please don't close the blades by force.
b) Open the blades; then loose the screw first by turning it in anticlockwise direction.


Close the blades; then tight the screw by rotating it in clockwise direction.
d) Send the pair for repair.

Q) If I leave hair chips around the screw, what would be happened?
A) Small hair gets stuck between screw and joint and it starts the metal corrosion.
Please take a look at the "Daily Care" and spend little time to make them last longer.

Q) Is the percentage of thinning scissors important?
A) We believe it is important to fix your aim by the percentage.
Please get some idea from the following list.


20% or less Berarely unnoticed
25% - 30%

30% and more

Highly visible

Q)My pair gets dull, but still cuts hair on push stroke.
It means I don't need to give the pair sharpening, right?
A)Yes, it's the time to give the sharpening.
If scissors with dull blades are used to cut hair, the scissor life shortens and blade sharpening will become impossible.