Daily Care

Even the finest Japanese scissors are impaired by hair tips, dust, chemicals and the wrong way of caring.
If you clean, dry and oil the pair in the right way on a regular basis you can prolong the life of your scissors.


After usage, use chamois skin or a tissue to wipe the blades.
Be very careful not to cut your finger.

1) After cutting hair, please precisely wipe any hair tips off your scissors with a soft clean towel or tissue paper to prevent friction as far as possible. At the same time, you can also wipe off fingerprints.
Please watch your fingers and do not put them on the edge of the blades!
2) Put the generous amount of oil into the joint.


Keeping the scissors clean can prevent surface corrosion on the inner blade.


Precisely dry your scissors with a soft clean towel, tissue paper or a scissor wipe.


Do NOT dip the scissors into alcohol or put too much alcohol on the blades.
The joint or screw parts should never come into contact with alcohol.


Please ideally oil your scissors once a week.


Note: The blades' rubbing motion causes friction. This friction wears away the contacting surfaces, which could lead to bluntness of the scissors. Scissor oil leaves a film between the surfaces of the blades moving against each other. So the direct contact between them is minimized, what means friction and wear is decreased and the sharpness of the scissors is prolonged.


When your scissors are brand new, they are in the very best condition and an adjustment is not necessary.
 However, if you feel your pair needs to be adjusted, please follow this method with self-responsibility.

 If you feel the tention is too loose, rotate the screw in clockwise direction.
 If you feel the tention is too tight, turn the screw in anticlockwise direction.
 *Either way, please adjust the screw little by little.


The sharpening of the scissors is usually done once a year, but it depeds on how many cuts are performed with a pair of scissors.
If hair slips on the blades toward the tip of the scissors or if the scissors simply don't cut hair as good as they used to, it is the time to get the scissors sharpened.

Important Notes

Chemical Solution
Please do NOT expose your scissors to any chemical solution.
(Pleaes immediately wipe off any liquid that adheres to the scissors in order to avoid the scissors getting blunt, spotty and corroded.)
If any chemicals or cold cream adheres the scissors, please wipe the part off immediately.


If any chemicals get into the joint:

Rinse the chemical off with clear and lukewarm water.
Wipe off water and dry the joint with a dryer.
Put a generous amout of oil into the joint and on the blades.
Leave the scissors until you use the next day. Remove the excess oil.
Note: If you don't clean the chemicals, the scissors can get corroded.
Once the pair corroded, the damage moves around on the surface until it reaches deeper into the material.

If you drop
If you drop the scissors or if the pair gets nicked, send them for repair immediately.
A nicked edge can damage the rest of the blades
In this case………

Please don't close the blades by force.
Open the blades; then loose the screw by turning it in anticlockwise direction.
Close the blades; then tight the screw by rotating it in clockwise direction.
Send the pair for repair.